Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Beginnings - La Habra Ward

As of February I am now the Beehive Advisor. We had about 3 weeks to put together NB's and it ended up being a great night. Our theme was "Be Thou An Example" from 1 Timothy 4:12 which also happens to be the youth theme for the year. We had the girls pick a women in their life that has been an example to them and then make a paper doll that would represent them. Then at NB's they would hold their paper dolls and tell us about that person etc. The girls did a great job. We had a talk from our new YW's President Sister Manderino who spoke on the theme as well as personal progress. Then the girls did their paper doll presentation as well as a musical number. Our last speaker was my sister in law Ursula who did a great job talking on the new value virtue then of course our bishop did the closing remarks. For refreshments we did choc. covered strawberries and the girls decorated sugar cookies. My friend Jennifer had a very cute cookie cutter that looked like a girl with the hair flipped out. So cute!! Again the girls did a great job decorating the cookies. Below are some pictures of that night. I wish I had taken pictures of everything before the program started because by the time I tried taking pictures the board was destroyed and the cookies and strawberries were already gone. Live and learn.

This was one of our handouts that we gave to each of the girls. With the help of my sister Melinda we came up with this design and made about 24 of them. It looks simple to make but it took a lot of time. Once I figured everything out and got the supplies needed my mom and sister Melinda help me put them together. It took about 2 hours.
These are sisters who picked each other as their example....cute!

These girls picked their moms as their example. We have such cute girls in our ward and they are so good! You can see the board in the back but of course it was destroyed before I could get a good pic. The board had the paper dolls on it with the values surrounding them. Karen Chitwood who is the Laurel Advisor was smart and brought magnets to attach to the back of the paper dolls and we also used the magnets to attach the the lettering. So smart! It worked out great. The girls would come up one by one and take off their paper doll from the board talk about it and then put it back on the board.

Enjoying the Weather

I love this picture. Brian started freaking out because he couldn't pick up the umbrella. Of course all he had to do was move his right foot!

MLK Weekend: Snow Day

Phil's friend Tyler was kind enough to let us stay in one of his cabins in Wrightwood. Here are some pictures of us enjoying the snow with some of Jack and Brian's cousins. Cousin Jace and Brian

Phil and Jack

The cousins

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Next Venture

If you ever find your kids jumping off beds or roof tops. I would recommend that you get these cool suits for them.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Little Man

Phil's dad bought the boys church outfits for Christmas and the other night I was trying Brian's outfit on to make sure it would fit him. I was looking at him with his grown up clothes on and his new haircut and I couldn't believe how big he is already! My baby is growing up!

The Christmas Lingerie

So on Christmas Day, Jeanette got a nice surprise from her sister. The pictures below explain it all.

In addition to the surprise, Jeanette's Dad shared a comment to me saying "Looks like it's going to be Christmas everyday for you Phil" as he nugded me in the arm and winked. I just thought that was just so wrong in every way. Jeanette was horrified that her Dad would say such a thing and I just stood there without saying a word... Talk about uncomfortable!

Of course Jack had to liven things up and put on the Santa Lingerie and go around the house saying "Ho, Ho, Ho!". I think he is confused as to what Santa wears.

Here is another Clip that explains everything.

Christmas Pictures