Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day

Hope everyone enjoyed Turkey Day. We headed out to Apple Valley to meet up with Phil's side of the family. Phil's Uncle Ron and Aunt Janet always put on a nice spread every year and the boys had a great time playing in their backyard.

The ugly traffic on the 15 as we slowly made our way to Apple Valley

Thank goodness we have a DVD player! Jack was all smiles watching his movies

Brian enjoying the ride as well

It was chilly out in Apple Valley but it turned out to be a beautiful day.

Brian playing with Aunt Janet and Uncle Ron's horse shoe game.

Jack having fun with Uncle Jesse and Aunt Lori (Phil's sister)

Brian's First Birthday

Brian and Papa Joe

Brian enjoying his birthday cake


The Halloween pumpkin carving extravaganza. This year's winner was Danny and Shanny's pumpkin which is not here because they are in Idaho.

Here's Randy pretending that he is Princess Leia. I think Princess Leia needs to shave.

Brian having fun with Papa.

Cowboy Jack. We decided to dress Jack up as cowboy due to his obsession with guns. Here's hoping that he doesn't need therapy.

Here is a picture of Brian sporting his spider costume